Entry: 1
Date: Monday
Jonathan R Dunn     Texas United States  austin1.ci.austin.tx.us (  Chrome120
Hello to my extended Dunn Family. Been doing genealogy for several years now and cannot get passed my x7 Grandfather John Dunn. Long story short... He immigrated from Ireland in the early 1800's. Became a Mexican citizen with the Power Hewetson colony getting land as a result. Participated and fought for the Independence of Texas and became a senator and representative of the Republic of Texas. He married Elizabeth May in 1938 and had 4 children Patrick Dunn, John Henry Dunn, Maria Ann Dunn, and Stephen May Dunn. My lineage is through Stephen May Dunn. If anyone has information on John Dunn's parents or port, he came through I would greatly appreciate it. This is the end of my rant. I'm Dunn! ;)
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Entry: 2
Date: Thursday
James Quentin Dunn     Houston, Texas United States   (  Firefox111
Looking forward to connecting with other Dunne's.
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Entry: 3
Date: Monday
Bill Florig     Tampa, Florida United States   (  Safari16
Jim It’s Bill from Airborne Class 32-84. Contact me please
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Entry: 4
Date: Monday
Daisy Dunn Henry     Chauvin, Louisiana United States  071-088-238-199.res.spectrum.com (  Safari15
Hello! I was just doing a bit of research on my family Heritage out of curiosity and stumbled across your site. (My maiden name is Dunn). I found a few interesting things on wikipedia, but I’m hoping your site has a bit more info. Looking forward to checking your stuff out! ~Daisy Dunn Henry
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Entry: 5
Date: Tuesday
David G Dunn     112.sub-174-202-162.myvzw.com (  Chrome102
Just checking it out...
Entry: 6
Date: Tuesday
Lois M Atnip     Kenmore, WA United States   (  Firefox95
My Great Grandmother Nora Dunn, married Doherty 1884 New York.  immigrated mid-1870's.  Nora was born Honora Dunn, Baptized 20 May 1860Newcastle West, Limerick, Ireland.  Her parents were Michael Dunn and Mary Stevelly, married 13 July 1856 also Newcastle West.  To my knowledge they had 3 daughters Catherina Dunne born 16 Sept 1856, a first Honora Dunne Baptized 16 May 1858, Newcastle West.  I assume she died, my Great Grandmother Honora was born 1860 Newcastle and died 1933 New York.
Thank you for this great site
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Entry: 7
Date: Tuesday
Patricia Pratt     Katepwa , Saskatchwan Canada  216-197-176-52.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca (  Safari
Type your remarks here. My maternal John Dunne great great grandfather (brick merchant), John great grandfather gas clerk Portobello Dublin) and Thomas grandfather born portobello Dublin. All my family on my Moms side still leave in Dublin area. My mom Mary Dunne was a Irish war bride and came to Canada in 1945.
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Entry: 8
Date: Sunday
Neil Dunne     Ashby, NWLeics United Kingdom  cpc116880-shep14-2-0-cust1008.8-3.cable.virginm.net (  Safari14
Mullach abu My father was Dennis Dunne he was a 100% Irishman. I was born in England but my blood runs green. In later life my father returned to Ireland & that is where he died. ?? Long live the Dunnes
Entry: 9
Date: Thursday
Marilyn Dunn     Lawrenceville, Georgia United States  75-60-202-21.lightspeed.tukrga.sbcglobal.net (  Chrome88
Hello to all. My great grandfather was John Edward Dunn, b.1827, in Co Louth,Dundulk,Ireland. His father was John Patrick Dunn, b.1800. Seeing as though these are common names this is my brick wall.
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Entry: 10
Date: Tuesday
Gerald Dunn     Stockton Springs, ME United States  cpe-72-224-180-94.maine.res.rr.com (  Chrome85
Researching my family history, my Grandmother was born in Westmeath, her maiden name was Anne Nally married to Thomas Dunn in PA.
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Entry: 11
Date: Sunday
Julie Craig     United Kingdom  host-78-148-87-206.as13285.net (  Safari13
My second grandfather Denis Dunne 1836-1895 married Catherine Lalor. His father was called James Dunne married Catherine Whelan. They came from Laois Mountmellick area. I am looking for any descendants. I have a John Dunne 1778 from Rathdowney Laois, but I am not convinced it is correct. Any information would be great
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Entry: 12
Date: Tuesday
Tyler Dunn     Blairsville, Georgia United States  google-proxy-66-249-88-146.google.com (  Chrome74
Hi Tyler Alexander Dunn here just researching history thanks for doing this I'm enjoying myself immensely.
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Entry: 13
Date: Thursday
Corey Dunn     La Place, Louisiana United States (  Chrome72
Hello trying to do some research
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Entry: 14
Date: Saturday
William Smith     St Paul, MINNESOTA United States  c-24-118-178-249.hsd1.mn.comcast.net (  Chrome71
Hello to the Dunnes around the world, its been quite a few years since I've posted. My mother was Mary Murray Smith, lost her in Oct 2009, her Mom was Johanna (Hannie) Dunne Murray who emigrated to Boston in 1902 from The Rower, Co Kilkenny just up from New Ross. We visited the Rower in 1992 and got quite a bit of info from the Parrish priest on the family. The other Dunne emigres, were brothers Tom, Jim and Peter and sisters Mary who married Jack Walsh and lived in Dorchester, MA and Katie. Love to hear from the Dunne clan. What a great site. Warm Regards, Bill Smith your remarks here.
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Entry: 15
Date: Monday
Paul Dunne     Isle of Man United Kingdom  google-proxy-66-249-93-92.google.com (  Chrome71
Brilliant site, great to know the history, father from Dublin, where all my relatives are from. Regards Paul Dunne
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Date: Monday
Cory Reagan     St Petersburg , Florida United States  ip-66-87-148-57.orldfl.spcsdns.net (  Chrome63
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Entry: 17
Date: Sunday
David Dunne     United Kingdom  host-92-28-54-108.as13285.net (  Chrome68
Entry: 18
Date: Saturday
Terry Dunne     Dublin Ireland  86-40-22-207-dynamic.b-ras2.prp.dublin.eircom.net (  InternetExplorer11
Type your remarks I am Terry Dunne (Terry The Weaver) living in Co. Wexford but born and reared in Dublin. My father was Michael Dunne, born 1917 Fairview Strand. Died July 1981 Dublin. His Father was Thomas Dunne The Brougher, Finglas, Dublin. Would love to track the Dunne line back further if possible.
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Entry: 19
Date: Friday
Patricia Pratt     Lebret, Saskatchewan Canada  108-160-25-36.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca (  Chrome67
Hello: My mother's maiden name is Dunne. Her fa Thomas Joseph Dunne, m Anna Christina Hicks. Thomas fa was John Dunne b 1846 in Phillipstown/Daigean co Offaly. m Elizabeth Grogan of Snugborough Co Offaly. His father was also a John Dunne who worked for the Grand Canal and sent bricks and slag down the river with barges. Eventually buying a building (1861) Portobello Harbour Dublin. I would like to know more about the Dunne's and there history. I am stuck to go back any further.
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Entry: 20
Date: Tuesday
janet Dunn     hartlepool, Durham United Kingdom  cpc102910-hart11-2-0-cust162.11-3.cable.virginm.net (  Chrome65
My great grandfather Jimmy came to Hartlepool, England to live in 1900? He lived in a caravan on arrival. One of his sons became a professional boxer called battling Dunn. Would love to know where abouts he originated from in Ireland.
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